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Much More than an IT Guy

Mammoth Mac Guy goes beyond day-to-day IT support & computer repair, providing a big picture approach to technology consulting. Often IT is thought of as the maintenance of computer health; the computer guy shows up to fix things when they break. What is usually missing is the most important aspect of technology expertise: a plan.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, don't have access to this kind of knowledge and experience; an understanding of what modern tools are available, and how to combine them into a day-to-day workflow. No longer is it always necessary to spend thousands on expensive servers and network architecture. There are hundreds of available SAAS (Software as a Service) and Cloud-based tools out there that can be both inexpensive and very powerful. The first step is always to go over your existing infrastructure, learn about your needs and process, and then tailor a solution thats helps you achieve your goals.

For Business Clients
I provide expertise to help you run your operation better using technology. I'm not just the IT guy- I'm a business person, and I understand business needs and priorities. Along with my wife I own and operate a vacation rental company, Mammoth Five Star Lodging. I've managed all kinds of projects: from big ones, such as producing a feature film, to small one's such as linking several separate cloud technologies together to create the booking and ticketing system for this website. I have a broad scope of business experience combined with over 20 years in IT, and I can use that knowledge to help you improve your workflow and solve problems.

For Individual or "Home" Clients
I do my best to solve problems or recommend solutions that keep your life as hassle free as possible. I am happy to sit and tutor you on the ins and outs of your existing computer hardware and software, or help you plan your next upgrade. I'll handle everything for you: shopping/ordering, data transfer, set up and training. I can even help you and your family use technology to organize your lives, plan events, manage your photos and make home movies. Whatever you need.

“When I joined the Times, the systems that were in place were in-efficient, expensive, and overwhelming. Jason came in and took control. He analyzed the situation, documented a cost-benefit analysis and offered me clear options. Jason saved my company over $4500.00/year without eliminating any infrastructure or functionality- by just reconfiguring our voice/data technology using more cost-efficient and more advanced tech. Now I even get my voicemails delivered to my Email. Next up, the server!"

—John R. Rea, General Manager
The Mammoth Times 

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